Good disagreement?

This seems topical, with a big hat-tip to Loren Rosson III via Facebook.

heirachy of disagreement

Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement from This isn’t happiness, based on this 2008 post by Paul Graham.

I wonder how far up the pyramid the primates will get. One thing seems almost certain: many of those who comment on the usual partisan blogs will struggle to get more than half-way up, with many not making it out of the pink (whether they are for or against that colour).

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    1. Hi Ian, I’ve not had time to catch up with your blog yet today, and no I didn’t have you in mind, nor indeed those that primarily advance arguments. I had some more “news” type team blogs more to the front of my mind, that attract their own brand of comment, mutually reinforcing their own sense of rightness.

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