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The primary point of this site is to provide me with some thinking space, and you are warmly invited to join in the conversation. I have two particular aims for the blog: to give a publicly intelligible account of Christian faith, worship and practice, and to explore how scripture can be read intelligently for today’s church and in today’s world. I hope that in pursuing those aims I might also from time to time articulate a Christian perspective on current social, political and communal issues. I expect my varied interests in photography, film & TV and communication will also rear their heads from time to time.

I tend to think by talking aloud. I may therefore disagree with what I’ve said before you do, and nothing I post is ever a final position, or a last word. That tentative character means I need to stress my disclaimer: everything I write here is only my personal opinion. That’s why I’ve used my name for the url. Nothing I write should be taken to represent the views of my employer, the Diocese of Worcester or indeed, its bishop(s) or my other colleagues.

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A brief word about the comments policy on this site. Normally blogposts (but not pages) will be open to comments. Comments are lightly moderated, but courtesy to other users as well as to me is expected, and anonymity is frowned on. I exercise the owner’s right to judge what is trolling or abusive, and will delete or moderate such comments accordingly.

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What I do

I work for the Church of England Diocese of Worcester as a mission development officer. That rather long winded job title means I’m there to:

  1. help create and sustain networks with partners in statutory and voluntary sector provision across the diocese,
  2. support and stimulate the diocese and its parishes in getting engaged with the life of society and communities in looking beyond the church door,
  3. maintain and support our world church partnerships (Peru, Morogoro in Tanzania, Evangelische Kirche in Mitteldeutschland)
  4. hold responsibility for two key training courses. One is for our local parish based ministry known within the diocese as Authorised Lay Ministry (worship leaders, pastoral workers, evangelists and children and youth workers). The other is our diocesan training scheme for Licensed Lay Ministers (often known as Readers) run in partnership with The Queen’s Foundation, Birmingham.

What I’ve written

Leading Common Worship Intercessions: a simple guide

What I like


Blade Runner, Donnie Darko, Gallipoli, The Godfather (1 & 2), the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Skyfall and most Bondian adventures, and Wargames. And definitely Harry Potter.


Arcade Fire, Bastille, Blur, Handel, Manic Street Preachers, Mozart, Tom Odell, Patrick Wolf, Pink Floyd, Purcell, Vampire Weekend


Having a pint with friends, taking and manipulating photos, learning new stuff, talking to people, watching films, reading


BBC Question Time, Doctor Who, Have I Got News For You, Sherlock


The Catcher in the Rye, Daniel Silva’s Gabriel Allon series, Miss Garnett’s AngelThe Power and the Glory, Stephen Donaldson’s Covenant series, Steven Saylor’s Roma sub Rosa series, The Tin Drum, Oh and did I mention Harry Potter.