Good disagreement?

This seems topical, with a big hat-tip to Loren Rosson III via Facebook.

heirachy of disagreement

Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement from This isn’t happiness, based on this 2008 post by Paul Graham.

I wonder how far up the pyramid the primates will get. One thing seems almost certain: many of those who comment on the usual partisan blogs will struggle to get more than half-way up, with many not making it out of the pink (whether they are for or against that colour).

4 Replies to “Good disagreement?”

  1. How interesting. How far up do you think I got with this morning’s post? And would you count me as ‘one of the usual partisan blogs’?!

    1. Hi Ian, I’ve not had time to catch up with your blog yet today, and no I didn’t have you in mind, nor indeed those that primarily advance arguments. I had some more “news” type team blogs more to the front of my mind, that attract their own brand of comment, mutually reinforcing their own sense of rightness.

  2. You may be missing a colour, for those too scared to make any comment lest it be found wanting!

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