Resources for Holocaust Memorial Day

I’ve been working on our local Holocaust Memorial Day planning, which Worcestershire Interfaith Forum has organised here for the last few years. This year’s national theme is “The Power of Words”, and there are some really helpful resources available on the HMD Trust website.

Here I’m offering a couple of supplementary resources that I’ve been working on for our local commemoration. Please feel free to make use of them under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC Licence. (I owe the music in the video to a creative commons licensed recording by Daniel Veesey which he’s also placed in the public domain.) 

The first item can be read as a pledge and reflection on the theme of HMD 2018. The second is a multimedia meditation based on a famous quotation from the Confessing Church pastor Martin Niemöller. The images are of Dachau, one of the camps in which he was imprisoned by the Nazis.

And if you’re in and around Worcester on 27 January, come and join us at the Guildhall at 10.30am for our act of commemoration, at which our guest speaker is Barbara Winton.

A pledge to speak wisely.

We know that words wield power.
Words wound.
Words hurled across the street,
words shouted across the room,
words shared in mocking texts,
words tearing at the heart of another’s difference,
words hurt.

We know that words wield power.
Words make well.
Words of love whispered to a crying child.,
words of compassion kissing a hurt kindly,
words of welcome spoken to a stranger,
words sharing a single language of a common humanity,
words heal.

We know that words wield power.
Words wound, and words make well.
Words hurt, and words heal.
We pledge ourselves to use words wisely,
to speak words softly,
to call kind names, not cruel.
May our words be words of healing,
our speech be with the word
that makes the world well.

Reflecting with Pastor Martin Niemöller.