Bootstrapping the blog

It’s been a long time since my blogging was anything but desultory. I have it in mind to make the effort to get back to a more regular posting schedule, and that means finding some things to write about in a more organised way to get myself back into the habit.

I’m picking two starters. A long time ago, on a blog far away enough to be largely beyond the reach of even Google’s wayback machine, I ran a series on the 39 articles that proved (to me at least) rather more interesting than it said on the tin. I still have some of the source material, even if my views have sometimes moved on. Over however long it takes, I’d quite like to rework that series, perhaps a bit more with catechesis in mind.

(Should you be asking why I was so stupid as to delete a blog that was more widely read than I expected or it deserved, the answer is a complex combo of blog-weariness, a bout of depression, and (for in depression you lose most of your sense of proportion) what I felt I was experiencing as cyber-bullying from a couple of individuals whom I shall not name, but who are now indelibly etched in my spam filters.)

The other project, with which I shall start shortly, is to blog my way through the newly published (and edited) proceedings of a 2012 conference: the first academic conference devoted to Harry Potter. The first up on that will be a general introduction.

Well, so much for good intentions, let’s see if I can put them into practice.

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      1. Oh, I’ve never been regular, it is contrary to my nature and predilections, though I have been more frequent!

        One problem I have is having put my podcasts in a different “place” from my blog – bad mistake 🙁

  1. I’ve always looked forward to your blog posts, Doug, and am glad to see you’ve got a plan to write more regularly again. I remember the series on the 39 Articles and how much I enjoyed it (especially as I frequently disagreed with you!). Looking forward to the new posts.

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