An evening walk in Magdeburg with camera

A short pause this evening in a busy working schedule coincided with a lovely warm Spring evening. A couple of things I saw struck me.

The first was a piece of graffiti, which seemed well-fitted to multiple readings. The context is (or contexts are) that this is written on a fairly ugly concrete wall supporting a walkway. The walkway is around part of the old city wall of Magdeburg below the (Protestant) cathedral. And the site as a whole is in what was East Germany. Just the other side of the cathedral is a piece of the Berlin Wall which was given to Magdeburg in 2009 – marking the 20th anniversary of its being pulled down.

Sorry for the wall 1

Sorry for the wall 2

The second thing I found interesting were some statues beside the Elbe, on a strip of grass separating a busy dual carriageway from an almost equally busy footpath and cycle way. (There’s an awful lot of public art around the city, much of it fascinating.) The stillness of the statues in the busyness of the vehicular and foot traffic struck me as a contrast worth trying to capture in camera. So here’s an unconventional group of “still life” shots.

Still life 1

Still life 3 Still life 2